Saturday, May 28, 2011

Welcome Everyone!

Pardon my dust, I'm still getting things settled. Managing an online presence by my onesies is kinda tough, but I shall endeavour...

I don't really plan to run the Los Angeles branch of Kimono de Jack like a formal club with presidents and membership. You can always join the LA Kimono Club / LA 着物クラブ if you prefer an established organization with more structure.

The primary goal of Kimono de Jack ~Los Angeles is to host free gatherings for people who like wearing kimono (as if we need an excuse...). There is no mandatory dress-code for kimono garb, just wear what you like. Come and go as you please; no need to stay in a group.

Meetup suggestions are always welcome from individual users.


In 2010, eleven Kyoto-ites started Kimono de Jack as a way to re-incorporate kimono into modern daily life. They thought it would be fun if kimono-clad people could "jack" (or occupy) an entire space, like a bus or train station.

What began in Kyoto has now spread to eleven prefectures within Japan plus Tokyo and Hokkaido, mainly via Twitter (by Ichiro-san @ichiro50 & Yuka-san @ichiroya2010 among many others). Overseas Kimono de Jack groups like us include...
-the UK ( by Lyuba-san @kimonodejackuk & blog EN )
-Florida ( by Ana-san @kimonojackFL & site )
-New York ( by Hiroko-san nyjack001 (at) gmail & blog JP )