Friday, June 10, 2011


Yay! Today I received official permission from Mihiro-san of the head Kimono de Jack group in Kyoto. I just sent off my reply -- and that's it! There were no scary surprises, just a simple registration of my personal details. So don't hesitate to ask about starting a Kimono de Jack group if you don't live near LA, NYC, Florida, or the UK.

My Twitter will be "LA_jack001" (JP) and "kimonodejackLA" (EN).

More developments in the pipeline, I swear.


  1. I fear US might need several KDJ for each state.... :) Considering that getting from one side to another could easily take 12 hr.

    Congratulations! I can't wait to see photos from all the future meetups! :)

  2. That's a very good point. I'm hoping to spread out the programming throughout LA County (if you include Santa Barbara through San Diego as a suburb of LA). Perhaps someday there will need to be a Southern California kdj and/or a NorCal group, but not yet. I consider the LA & NYC groups to be like Tokyo and Kyoto (major metropolitan areas) and FL and UK to be more like region/prefectures.